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Account Fraud and How to Protect Your Business

How often does account fraud really happen? Fraud can happen anywhere with any business; however, small businesses, can be especially vulnerable. This is because they usually lack the resources to implement internal controls, IT security, or properly segregate duties amongst limited staff. Historically, periods of economic misfortune or uncertainty drive higher rates of fraud as people may become desperate for […]

Mitigating Fraud

Payment Authorizations Be proactive. Protect your account against fraud or unauthorized activity. Check Positive Pay Standard Bank offers Check Positive Pay to reduce the risk of fraudulent account activity by identifying unauthorized transactions before they occur. Business customers send batch files to Standard Bank, which include checks issued. We will confirm that all checks presented match those issued before they […]

Use a Home Equity Loan to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt Faster!

There are multiple systems for tackling high interest debt and getting back on sound financial footing. It seems like everyone has an impressive-sounding name for THE plan to get you out of debt.   Some swear by the snowball method because this method lets you see results faster in getting balances to zero and build upon those early wins. Others […]

Fraud Protection and Resolution

Being the victim of fraudulent banking activity or a hacked account can feel like the absolute worst if it happens to you. Along with the hassle of disputing charges, there can be fees from debtors for returned or delayed payments in addition to potential overdraft fees. Will your credit be ruined? Will all your money be stolen? Panic sets in. Stop! Take a deep breath.

Making the Most of Your Digital Banking Experience

Thanks to advances in technology and security, customers are now able to integrate their banking with their everyday life. Morning or night, at home or in-store, you take your bank with you. However, as with all technology, it is what you make of it.

Mobile Banking Details

Mobile banking is the quickest and most convenient way to do your banking.  It gives you quick and clear access to your online banking at Standard Bank. Downloading the app on your app store is free, and setting it up only takes a few minutes. It’s the perfect compliment to your online banking product, and you can take it wherever […]